DIY Fundraising

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DIY fundraisers are hosted by individuals and organizations external to the Michigan Humane Society and are designed to benefit MHS with proceeds, donations and in other valuable ways.

DIY fundraising is a great way for people of any age to raise funds for the Michigan Humane Society. From Girl Scout troops to corporate leaders, there are many ways to help the animals in our care.

We encourage innovative ideas when it comes to DIY, but here is some inspiration to get you started:

  • Host a lemonade stand to engage your neighborhood or community in our cause.
  • Get approval for a jeans day at your place of employment.
  • Organize a sporting event, like a volleyball or kickball competition.
  • Sell baked goods at your school or work.
  • Start a penny war.
  • Host a party.
  • Organize a special shopping excursion.

For more information on hosting your own fundraising event, please contact Genevieve Rogalla at 248-283-5664 or by email at

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