I know it’s not a great time to be throwing more bad news on you, but I’m sad to report that Zack, the 30-pound cat who was adopted from Michigan Humane, has died.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Zack died of feline fatty liver syndrome, a disease where high levels of fat are found in and among the liver cells, compromising its function.

“We aggressively helped him fight his disease,” owner John Schmitt told the Freep. “He was definitely loved in the short time he was with us.”

The Schmitt family adopted Zack from our Livingston County Center for Animal Care on January 2 after seeing the chonky cat in the news.

They were able to get Zack to shed about eight pounds during the 11 weeks of living with him.

We can’t thank the Schmitt family enough for giving Zack a loving home to spend his last days in.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society