Programs and Services

Investigation and Rescue

The Michigan Humane Society deploys a team of trained and credentialed investigators and rescue agents on the road in metro. Learn more about the team protecting animals on the front lines here.


A core part of our mission since 1877, MHS takes our responsibility to educate the community seriously.

Animal Surrender

If you need to rehome your pet, MHS is here to assist with surrender information and possible alternatives.

Statewide Response

As a leader in the animal welfare community, MHS is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise across Michigan and beyond.

Community Services

To provide compassionate care to as many dogs/cats as we can, MHS has created several innovative programs to make veterinary care affordable.

Lost and Found

Thousands of animals are lost each year and never reunited with their families. Take the first step to find your missing pet with Finding Rover.

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