This blog was originally posted on WDIV/Click On Detroit on their MHS “Pet Points” blog.

They’re loaded with adorable features and the latest technology! The best in cuddle class, a Michigan Humane Society Certified Pre-Owned Cat is rated the highest in safety with top-notch swishy tail balance technology and four-paw drive. Whether you swoon over fuzzy ears, big blue eyes, or a gentle head butt – we’ve got our models loaded with plenty of adorable.

They come with a multi-point inspection. Highly trained behavior experts and MHS veterinarians put all Certified Pre-Owned Cats through a series of programs and tests to help ensure reliability, quality and customer confidence – scanning for details even the most meticulous adopter might overlook. The result is very lovable cats in outstanding overall condition. Each purring bundle of joy is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and granted a clean bill of health.

They come in many makes and models! We’ve got black cats, tabby cats, calico cats – even fat cats! We’ve got cats sporting moustaches, big old fuzzy cats, and cats with a bit of ‘tude. We’ve got youngins looking for homes to grow up in and senior beauties looking for homes to settle down in. We’re sure to have just the cat you’re looking for.

They’re preloaded with a microchip. At the Michigan Humane Society, a free microchip comes standard with each Certified Pre-Owned Cat adoption! That’s free security if your cat gets lost and a free phone call to reunite you two when he’s found. With only 2% of lost cats being reunited with their owners, your new cat’s microchip is their lifeline ticket home.

There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Certified Pre-Owned Cats are backed by an extensive 100,000 purr warranty, ensuring adopters that MHS animals are the very best companion animals available. If for any reason an MHS cat is not the perfect fit for their new home and lifestyle, they may be returned to MHS for a full refund of the adoption fee.


Low maintenance – High value. MHS Certified Pre-Owned Cats will provide years of companionship, comfort and even entertainment; and in return only require love, shelter, food and an appropriate place to change their oil (if you know what we mean) – an exponentially positive ROI for their owners. Furthermore, the first month’s supply of nutritious high octane fuel required by all MHS cats is supplied free of cost compliments of Purina.

Their value actually increases when you get home! When you adopt an MHS Certified Pre-Owned Cat, the deal doesn’t stop at the door. All MHS cats come with personalized adopter support as well as access to special partnership services.

For a limited time only, all Certified Pre-Owned Cats arefee-waived! That’s $0 down, 0% financing today through Friday, Sept. 25, at all MHS adoption locations.

Come on down to test love a Certified Pre-Owned Cat today. That is a lifetime of love and companionship with NO money down!