A Detroit Lion, that is!

Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin has always been an animal lover, and we are lucky to have him as an MHS supporter and partner. Sam was “in the doghouse” for our Bow Wow Brunch event and recently helped us create a PSA to stress how important it is to have ID on your dog or cat.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBj53DnJGf8]

The dog shaking his head “no” near the end of the PSA is actually Sam’s own dog, Leo, who tagged along to participate in the video. He joined a handful of MHS staff dogs along with the Luna Royal Oak dancers and other volunteer actors at M1 Studios.

Check out a few of the “behind the scenes” photos:




Thank you to Sam and all who made the PSA possible. Share with your friends to remind them – no one will know who your pet is without a collar tag and microchip! ID is the fastest way home for a lost pet.