The world of animal welfare is both complex and emotional. It can make our life-saving work exponentially harder but also unbelievably rewarding. It also makes our work often misunderstood, frequently over simplified and awash with untruths.

So, what should you know about animal welfare, MHS and our communities? How do we collectively sort through and separate the exaggerated stories from the very real incidents, the absolute truths from unfounded rumor, progress that looks great on paper from real life saving change? Transparency is foundational tenant at MHS as we are a conduit of our communities’ support and trust. You are our partners in animal welfare. You have as much responsibility for the past and as much a stake in the present and future of animal welfare as does MHS.

Saving lives and making a difference – it’s what we do at the Michigan Humane Society. It is who we are. Thanks to you, many of our programs are respected nationwide as “best practice.” We do our life-saving work with conviction, unrelenting compassion and a wealth of expertise – this includes shelter medicine, animal behavior, animal cruelty investigations, sheltering, adoptions, etc. – many of the professionals here at MHS are considered some of the most well respected names in their particular fields.

Therefore, let’s put that expertise to use in helping you better understand what we do. Send us your questions; the harder ones are most welcome. What do you want to know about animal welfare or MHS? Periodically we will be selecting questions and providing answers to the issues that are on your mind. We are your MHS. So – what do you want to know?

– Matthew Pepper, President and CEO

P.S. Comment here or email me at matt@michiganhumane.org!