The typical American volunteer contributes 52 hours a year to charity. Then there’s Pam and Ralph Arning of Walled Lake. Over 26 years this couple has devoted thousands of volunteer hours to the Mega March for Animals, Protect-A-Pet Clinics, and other special events. So imagine MHS’s grief when they decided to pull up stakes for Utah.

The Arnings are optimistic others will “adopt” their cause. As Pam puts it:

“We fell in love with the organization, the staff and the animals. With so many opportunities to volunteer, you will always come away with something that is just right for you. You will feel so good inside for how you’ve made a difference — AND it’s fun!”

Many volunteers can’t commit for a year, much less 26. In fact, some can only pitch in at home or a single event. Whatever the case may be, please know that MHS is grateful for every sacrifice — and it adds up. Last year, for example, more than 1,000 people contributed almost 50,000 hours to MHS. That’s like gaining 24 full-time employees! But then, now we’re down two … our beloved Arnings.

If you’d like to help our animals, please, get involved today.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society