This is my best friend in the world, Biscuit. I adopted her June 20, 2013. I went to adopt a dog named Ruby, but she was to much for my dogs, so after some match making, we found our beloved Biscuit (once Janet of the Jackson 5).

She’s my everything. I have her tattooed on me. We have a very special bond, one that most don’t understand because she’s saved my life.

I have epilepsy and she knows when I am about to have a episode and always remains close to protect me or alert people. I am with her all day every day and think she is nothing short of perfect. With no hesitation I would say she’s my soul puppy.

She was one of 5 pups and I’d take one of her siblings if ever they were surrendered in a heartbeat. She’s a certified Canine Good Citizen and one of a kind I thank you for bringing her to me.