Valentine Candy Stack 2

We naturally attribute Valentine’s Day to celebrating our connection with, our affection for and our commitment to our special someone (or someones) in our lives – with more than subtle nudge from the greeting card, floral delivery and confectionary industries. Whether this is a spouse, fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend or even a special friend, we should take all the moments we can to let those closest to us know how we feel and how they impact our lives.

Fortunately, here in southeastern Michigan, this time of year has also become synonymous with demonstrating our kinship with, and devotion to, our four-legged companions with whom we share our lives. Here at Michigan Humane Society, we set aside this time of year to “share the love” we have for our beloved pets and the immeasurable impact they have on our lives during our annual Telethon. This Telethon enables us to be the voice for thousands of animals in need right now in metro Detroit. Animals who are abandoned, being abused, neglected or simply forgotten about. Animals left outside in dire conditions without proper provisions or those for whom their current family can no longer care for. These animals have unlimited love and companionship to offer- if only given a second chance and a true loving home to thrive in.

By supporting MHS, they will get just that. You make the difference. It is your support, compassion and vision of a better day for these animals that helps save lives. So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re asking that instead of flowers or chocolates, you consider donating to an animal in need. Your donation will allow us to care for animals who are, at this moment, in desperate need Your support will help us keep animals with loving families in their homes. And, thanks to our amazing partners at PetSafe, your life-saving donation made ahead of Thursday’s Telethon will be matched! This amazing opportunity allows for your donation dollars to make twice the difference to animals in our care.

So, as another February 14th rushes toward us, it is actually February 12th that warms our hearts here at MHS the most. There is something about making a difference in the life of an animal that truly moves the soul. Anyone who has opened up their hearts to a beloved pet knows true comradeship and understands the immeasurable impact they have on us.

Thank you again for helping us “share the love”, and we hope that you will join us this Thursday for the 2015 MHS Telethon on WXYZ, Channel 7.

Thank you to our 2015 Telethon sponsors: