Did you know that the American Pit Bull Terrier is the only breed to have graced the cover of Life Magazine three times?

Here’s a great summary of the media recognition of the pit bull in the 1900s from Bad Rap:

“As cities sprung up, Pit Bulls remained a prominent part of the American culture. The USA admired this breed for qualities that it likened in itself; friendly, brave, hardworking, worthy of respect. Pit Bulls were thought of less as pit fighters and more as ‘regular dogs’. They show up in hundreds of turn of the century photos, flanked by loving family members. Early advertisements, posters, and magazines began to use the image of the All American Dog, including Buster Brown, whose companion was a Pit Bull.”

MHS has several of these “All American Dogs” looking for their forever homes! Cinnamon and Pluto are available at the Detroit Center for Animal Care. Fergie is available at the Petco adoption center in Sterling Heights.