Each month in 2015, we will be celebrating the pit bull! MHS adopts out hundreds of pit bulls a year and love to show people how great dogs of this breed type can be. We will be featuring a different “famous” pit bull from history each month.

PARKS AND RECREATION -- "Comeback Kid" Episode 411 -- PIctured: -- Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

PARKS AND RECREATION — “Comeback Kid” Episode 411 — PIctured: — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Lucy is a three legged pit bull mix that was adopted from a rescue in Los Angeles in 2004. No one knows how she lost her leg, but it doesn’t slow her down!

She’s gone on to be featured in many movies and commercials, notably “Parks and Recreation,” where she plays Champion. Parks and Recreation has done a wonderful job of featuring not only a rescue dog, but a loving, friendly pit bull and a “special needs” dog at that! Click here to watch a clip of Lucy acting as Champion.