Each month in 2015, we will be celebrating the pit bull! MHS adopts out hundreds of pit bulls a year and love to show people how great dogs of this breed type can be. We will be featuring a different “famous” pit bull from history each month.


Sergeant Stubby is considered the most decorated war dog of World War I and was the only dog to be promoted to Sergeant. He was the official mascot for the 102nd Infantry, serving for 18 months and participating in 17 battles. He saved his regiment from mustard gas attacks, offered comfort to the wounded and event once caught an enemy soldier by his pants. He was considered a doggy celebrity when he returned home.

His exact breed has never been settled on, but it is clear that Stubby was a bull terrier type dog of some variety, and in today’s day and age due to his appearance would surely be labeled a “pit bull.” Stubby died in his sleep in 1926, and was preserved. He received an obituary in the New York Times. His body was presented to the Smithsonian museum in 1956.

You can learn more about some of Stubby’s accomplishments here.

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