After becoming a viral star on Twitter, a chunky rescue cat has a new foster parent after receiving more than 3,000 applications.

Last week, Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia tweeted photos of one of their residents, a 26-pound cat named Mr. B, hoping to get him adopted. The plus-size feline captured the hearts of thousands of animal lovers shortly after the tweet went out. As of this writing, the post has over 14,500 RTs and 50,000 likes.

Chonk is an understatement. He’s the size of toddler Simba.

Morris Animal Refuge provided an update on Wednesday and the news is good: Mr. B went home to a foster who could end up being a permanent parent.


As NBC News reports, the shelter is working with the foster parent on properly addressing Mr. B’s health issues so the adoption process goes smoothly. The cat was surrendered by his original family because they could no longer care for him.

Mr. B has also helped raise more than $8,300 in t-shirt sales as Morris Animal Refuge released a limited-edition “Chonk” t-shirt. You can order one from Bonfire.

Photo credit: Twitter