The Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care has a movie star on their hands! Daisy, a rat that was surrendered to MHS, will be featured in an upcoming film shot in Detroit, called “An Honest Thief.”

Actor Tom Sizemore and his brother Aaron approached MHS wildlife expert Dave Bjarnesen about involving a rat in a promo of the movie. Dave said he knew the perfect rat. Daisy is easily handled and food motivated.

Dave spent the day with Daisy and the film crew, helping with rat handling and safety, as well as assisting her in her acting duties. The film crew was thrilled with Daisy’s acting skills, as you can see in the promo:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CVHOmFHrx8&w=560&h=315]


We love rats and are glad that Daisy’s sociability and intelligence were recognized by the creators of this film. You can learn more about their plan to support the film from our partners at WXYZ Detroit. For more about rats and how to care for a pet rat, visit our website.

For anyone looking for a pet rat… Daisy is now looking for her forever home! If you would like to adopt her, visit our Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care or give Dave a call at 248.852.7420, ext. 224.