A college student found herself in a frightening situation when she fell twice during a hiking trip in Alaska.

WHAM reports that 21-year-old Amelia Milling was on a solo hiking trip in Anchorage, Alaska when she ran into trouble on the second day of her three-day hike. The Rochester Institute of Technology student took a huge fall that left her in shock until an unlikely companion came to her rescue.

“I fell 600-700 feet down the mountain after my trekking pole broke. I hit a rock and launched into the air,” Milling recounted. “While I was laying there in shock, Nookie showed up.”

Nookie, full name Nanook, is a husky who is also a Crow Creek guide dog. The very good boy helped Milling back onto the trail and stayed with her throughout the night. The next day Milling fell again as she attempted to cross the Eagle River. Luckily Nanook was still by her side and aided her as she put on dry clothes and wrapped herself in her sleeping bag. According to Milling, that’s when Nanook started licking her face to comfort her.

Milling decided not to risk further injury and used the SOS button on her satellite messenger, prompting a rescue crew to pick her up. Once it was determined she was fine, Nanook returned to his owner, hopefully to receive plenty of belly scratches and treats for a job well done.

Photo credit: Amelia Milling