The Michigan Humane Society houses on average 4-600 animals at any one time among all of our locations. Of course, that many animals need to eat – twice a day, every day, rain or shine, holidays and weekends. Each year, we got through about 100,000 pounds of food!


We are grateful to have food for all our dogs and cats provided by Purina. This allows us to have peace of mind that our animals will always be fed, and that they will be fed a consistent diet and not have to worry about stomach upset. This also allows all donated food to be used for our Free Pet Food Bank program, so low-income families in the area can afford to feed their pets.


Every animal is fed a different amount of food, and some animals are given special diets related to medical issues. All of this needs to be tracked so everyone is getting the correct meal. That’s a lot to keep track of! After everyone is fed, all of their dishes have to be sterilized and cleaned so no germs are spread between feedings.

So next time you are griping about the chore of feeding your pets – be grateful you don’t have several hundred mouths to feed!