It sounds like something out of a movie, but a woman in Florida reunited with her missing dog 12 years later in Pittsburgh.

As USA Today reports, Katheryn Strang traveled over 1,100 miles from Boca Raton, Fla. to see her fox terrier Dutchess. After going missing in 2007, the dog somehow ended up in Pittsburgh and was found under a shed by a resident. Dutchess was taken to Humane Animal Rescue where they scanned her microchip and discovered that Strang was her previous owner.

Strang couldn’t believe the news that Dutchess was found after a dozen years have gone by, and shortly traveled 11 hours to reunite with her old friend again.

“When she got that call from us, she was in disbelief. She couldn’t believe it was happening,” Humane Animal Rescue manager of digital communications Zac Seymour told USA Today.

Watch the emotional reunion below.

“When it happened, she got really emotional,” Seymour said. “It was very emotional for everyone. That’s a powerful moment for when a dog is lost for 12 years. For all she knew, she would never see Duchess again and that moment was moving for everyone.”

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Photo credit: Humane Animal Rescue