During the summer months our shelters get a flood of kitten intakes, and as a result, older senior cats are often overlooked. They end up staying in our shelters for a longer period of time. The Michigan Humane Society has noticed this trend and has decided to do something about it. This summer, Michigan Humane started a new foster program called “Seniors for Seniors.”

Our dedicated foster program got in touch with the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) in Westland, an assisted living facility, and placed senior cats with some of the senior residents. This wonderful new program allows senior cats to be with loving caregivers in a home, rather than them waiting in the shelters. It has also benefited the residents at PVM to have a furry companion.

“The Village of Westland is grateful to be working with the Michigan Humane Society and the Seniors Fostering Seniors Program,” says Michele White, executive director at the Village of Westland. “The experience has been absolutely wonderful. Our residents are elated to have a furry companion sharing in their lives. We have seen so many benefits from hosting this program. Our residents have reported a decrease in loneliness, an increase in happiness, and gaining a new purpose in life.  I am sure the furry felines would report the same experience if they could talk. We are thrilled to be part of this experience and hope to expand the number of foster homes in our community.”

We are fortunate to have foster friends at PVM who love the animals and take them in as their own to show them what it is like to be loved until they are placed in their forever homes. While these senior cats found companionship through this program, there are always plenty of other furry friends that would love to be fostered as well. Anyone can volunteer to be a forest parent. Visit our Foster section for more information.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane