Sue Achrem and her husband, Ken, have been fostering animals for the Michigan Humane Society for the past three years. After their dog Molly passed away, they knew that fostering would be the best fit for their family.

In-Home Heroes is a short-term Foster program where you can help care for an animal who may need a little TLC before adoption. Sue and Ken have been foster parents for at least 12 animals. Two of their fosters found their forever homes with Sue and Ken, Gracie a three-legged pit bull and Mouse, a lab mix. Their most recent foster is Mazi, a beautiful one-year old Catahoula who had hip surgery and has been in the care of the Achrems for two months. Mazi is now refreshed and ready to be adopted!

“Fostering is so important because you help show an animal that may have come into the MHS system from an abuse or neglect situation that they are worthy of love and kindness; and that their lives do have value,” Achrem says.

Fostering has brought so much love and joy into my whole family’s lives. To see a foster come into your home scared, neglected, and unsure of where they are, and see the transformation to a happy, healthy dog or cat that is ready for adoption. There is nothing like it.”

Sue and Ken not only volunteer as fosters, but they volunteer at many special events such as the annual Purrfect Bow Wow Brunch and Telethon. Most recently, Sue helped unload a plane with nearly 100 Chihuahuas from California.

Because of foster parents like Sue and Ken, many animals receive the extra love and care they need to be ready for adoption. Thank you to all the foster families out there!

Interested in helping provide short-term care for an animal who may need some TLC before adoption? Visit the Michigan Humane foster section to find out how you can get involved..

Photo credit: Sue Achrem