All work and no play?

Not in the 4th grade classes of Anne Flanagan and Anne Reinhard at Ferry Elementary School, a Grosse Pointe Public School that has nearly 400 students in total. On January 29, the school’s 4th graders hosted a charity carnival event that raised over $1,200. The students researched different charities and presented them in their Social Studies class. The fourth graders then voted on which charities would receive the proceeds. The chosen charities were the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Michigan Humane Society!

“We are so thankful for the good work you are doing for the animals of Michigan and are happy to support you,” Flanagan said.

Every class, from Pre-K to fifth grade, purchased tickets and attended the event. Students ran fun games, such as ring toss, a duck pond and Frisbee. The students’ families even provided more than 400 baked goods and 100 raffle prizes to support the event.

It is wonderful that Ferry Elementary School is teaching students the importance of helping others at an early age and in a fun way.

“Our children are so capable of making a difference right now. They do not need to wait until they are older. We are always working to find ways for the children to develop their abilities to communicate, problem-solve and help others,” explained Ms. Flanagan.

On behalf of all of the animals in MHS’ care, thank you to the students, their families, Ferry Elementary staff and anyone who participated in helping make the carnival fundraiser a success!

If you would also like to make a difference to save thousands of animal lives, please donate here or contact Christine Donaldson at 248-283-5648 to host your own fundraiser for MHS.

Photo credit: Ferry Elementary School