Happy World Smile Day! Celebrate by putting a grin on your cat’s face!


1. Play games
Cats have an innate prey instinct – let them use it by playing with lazer lights, toy mice, string… anything they can chase and “hunt!”

2. Keep the litterbox clean
Cleaning out the litterbox at least two times a day is recommended by many cat experts. Keeping the litter clean and fresh will help avoid any litterbox issues, and you can keep an eye out for any signs of illness.

3. Provide good places to nap
Many cats like to sleep on raised or elevated surfaces – try a cat tree or cat dedicated shelves. Especially as the weather starts to cool down, many cats will appreciate a heated bed to snuggle in.

4. Feed them well… but not too much!
Keep your cat on a regular diet of high quality cat food, but make sure not to give in to requests for a “second” breakfast – letting your cat get even a little chubby can be very detrimental to their health.

5. Give them a home!
There are thousands of homeless cats waiting for their purrfect forever homes… check out your local shelter to find a new feline friend! If you already have a cat, many cats appreciate having a buddy around. Or, adopt two! Yuli, the grinning cat above, is waiting for her forever home at the Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care, but we have cats of all personalities, colors and sizes at our adoption centers.