Harlan and Marjorie Hanson were both 84 when they left Michigan in 2009. Their destination? The sunny shores of southern California, home to their only son. Sunshine and sand can make it easy to forget the Motor City, but they never forgot their beloved Heather.

Heather was the Hanson’s beloved West Highland White Terrier. She kept Marjorie company during her days as a homemaker, and she greeted Harlan each night he returned from Chrysler’s engineering department. As their son Jeffrey put it, Heather “brought warm tears to their eyes even many decades after her passing.”

The Hanson’s loved ones should know that the couple’s love of Heather, and all animals, continues to endure. In fact, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) can give four reasons why.

The Hanson’s son Jeffrey gave a $2,000 gift in their honor; this, after repeated gifts during their lifetimes. This generous support is enough to save about four animals’ lives (i.e., The average animal comes to MHS needing more than $500 in care). Those are animals that will now go on to provide local families with many years of joy; the same kind of joy Heather brought to the Hansons.

On behalf of the animals, MHS would like to express its sincere gratitude, as well as its sympathy for the family’s loss.

Photo credit: The Hanson family