At the Michigan Humane Society we are fortunate to have some of the best and brightest minds leading our team. Each individual brings a unique perspective to the challenges we face and helps us to fulfill our mission.  


David E. Meador, Board Chair

Cynthia Pasky, First Vice Chair

Amelia Hughes, Second Vice Chair

Dan Wiechec, Treasurer

Kumar Raj, Secretary

Elizabeth J. Correa, Executive Committee, Member-at-Large

William Sullivan, Executive Committee, Member-at-Large

Peter Van Dyke, Executive Committee, Member-at-Large

Gregory M. Capler, Immediate Past Chair


Katherine Abraham

Linda Axe

Austin Black

Nisha Chopra

Margaret Dimond

Jennifer M. Farber

Katherine Huber

Andrew Humphrey

Ross Lerner

Laura S. Marble

Marcia M. McBrien

Joe Miskovich

Reimer Priester

John F. Schaefer

Jennifer Stafeil

James G. Vella

April Wagner


Michigan Humane Society Leadership Team 

Matthew Pepper, President & Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Kubler, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer 

Doug Plant, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer 

Jamie Westrick, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Dr. Kelley Meyers, DVM, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Robert Fisher, DVM, Senior Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Andy Seltz,Vice President, Field Services

Debora Scola, Vice President, Strategic Relationships

Andrea Buchanan,Vice President, Organizational Development

Tom Varitek, Vice President, Communications









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