As the holidays near, we’ve asked some of our adoptable animals to write letters to Santa “Paws” with their wishes for Christmas (besides a new home, of course). Our first letter is from Sweet Potato, who is available at the Detroit Center for Animal Care. Play “Santa” for dogs like Sweet Potato by dropping off donations at the Detroit Center at 7401 Chrysler Dr., Detroit, MI, or at any of our other locations! 

sweet potato


First of all, hi! I’m Sweet Potato! I heard if I woof you a letter, maybe I can get a new toy for Christmas! I would love love love a nice rubbery toy. Ooh! Yeah, or those little bones that take me forever to chew through and I just keep going and going and going. Anything that I can chomp down and chew on for hours! I hope I’m not asking for too much, I’ve been extra, super good this year, I swear!

Thanks Santy Paws!