Libby is looking for a special home. Read more about her on the blog today, and if you are interested, email to set up a time to meet her!

Libby in Purple3

Libby is an energetic, fun loving dog, who is looking for a family that can keep up! She loves to run, go for walks, play fetch, and chew on squeaky toys. Some of Libby’s other favorites include car rides (she’s a great passenger) and playing chase and tug-of-war with her doggy friends. She also is very smart and enjoys being challenged to learn new tricks and commands. She knows several commands already!

Libby loves all people she meets and those who meet her fall in love quickly. Libby is a great snuggle-buddy and her favorite place is right next to her people!


Libby is a special adoption because she does not tolerate crating or being confined in small spaces and has been known to panic when put in those situations. Like a lot of dogs her age, if not provided with enough stimulation, exercise, and appropriate toys, Libby has been known to get bored and get into mischief by making her own fun like shoe chewing or counter surfing. Given her energetic and athletic disposition, Libby has also been known to jump a fence or two in her time.

As a result, Libby’s forever home must be patient and willing to take the time and energy to provide her with enough exercise and to work with her on any of her behavioral issues with positive reinforcement training. Although Libby may require some additional attention, the time and energy spent with her with pay off a million fold. You will have a best buddy for life. She truly is a special and very loving pup, who just needs to find the right family.