Cosmo the Yorkie was adopted by an MHS staff member. She shared the story of how Cosmo came to MHS and eventually to her home…

One cold and rainy morning a few years back, MHS staff member Heather was driving to work on a busy urban street. By the side of the road, she saw a little dog, wandering around in the gutter. Afraid this little one would become a “furry speed bump”, especially in the stormy weather, she pulled over to try and locate the owner or at least corral the critter, and the dog came running to her. Even though this dog was a sodden, smelly mess of hair, she put him in the seat next to her, and came to the office to post a Lost Dog notice on the MHS ePole. I happen to be working that morning and saw Heather coming in, with this little dog tucked under her arm. She asked me for help to find a collar and leash and some way to contain the pup until he could be driven to our Detroit location later that morning. The minute I walked over to assist her, I was smitten. Although this dog smelled, his hair was long and matted together because of being out in the rain for who knows how long, his magnetic personality caued him to end up on my lap until it was time to take him to our Detroit Center for Animal Care. In case his owner was looking for him, the Detroit location was the right place for him to be. He unfortunately didn’t have any identification or a microchip, so “Found Dog” posters went up in the neighborhood in which he was found wandering, and his picture was posted on the Lost and Found ePole on the MHS website.

During his stay at the Detroit location, the staff treated him very well. They evaluated his health, fed and bathed him, trimmed up his wild hair, inoculated him, and snuggled with him to keep him happy. His life had changed dramatically, and the staff did all they could to make him comfortable during the transition. I kept an eye on his situation, and when the mandatory stray hold was over and no one had come forward to claim him, I immediately offered to give him a home. While the adoption paperwork was processed, he was neutered and microchipped. When he was ready to go to his new home, I was reunited with him at the Detroit Adoption Center; the staff was cuddling him and wishing him well on his new adventures. He looked bewildered, but very comfortable in the arms of those who had cared for him. And from that moment on, my life changed forever, and Cosmo joined my family. He had many guardian angels looking out for him, from Heather who stopped to help him, to the employees that enabled Found Dog postings to go out electronically to the community, to the staff at Detroit that cared for him until he found his forever home. He and I are so lucky they were all there for him, as we have each found a wonderful friend.