This week, Montreal approved legislation banning pit bulls.

Locally, the story of Diggy and the pit bull ban in Waterford Township made headlines. Michigan Humane Society’s position that such laws are ineffective and nearly impossible to enforce was bolstered when, eventually, a veterinarian declared that Diggy was NOT a pit bull after all.

I have written about MHS’ opposition to breed-specific legislation. Not only are such laws misguided, but we believe each animal should be judged on its own individual merit.

Genetics certainly play a role in any dog’s personality, but who that dog becomes is primarily a product of its owner and its environment. Raise a dog, any dog, in a positive environment and the result is likely a well-rounded companion that is part of the family.

These stories, and the lack of understanding of so-called bully breeds, often leave these dogs overlooked in shelters and without homes. In 2015, MHS placed more than 11,100 animals; many of those were pit bull or pit-bull mixes and went on to become incredible companions to their new families.

To show just how strongly we feel about this topic, we are highlighting some of the incredible pit bulls and pit bull mixes we have for adoption right now. Take a look at these amazing animals and consider welcoming one of them into your home today!


Junie is an energetic, one year old pit bull mix. She is available at our Berman Center for Animal Care in Westland. She is a bouncy, happy girl, but will settle down when you pet her, because she loves to cuddle!


Boss is a six year old pit bull mix at our Berman Center for Animal Care in Westland. He is a wonderful, loving boy who is best friends with everyone he meets, and very active!


Evie, a four year old pit bull mix, is a sweet and silly girl! You can meet her at our Petco adoption center in Sterling Heights. This girl is very friendly and affectionate.


Butterscotch is a five year old pit bull mix at our Berman Center for Animal Care in Westland. She is being treated for heartworm disease. She is shy but sweet, and loves to snuggle and play with toys.

Already have a pit bull buddy? Then take a minute and share its picture or tell us how he or she lights-up your life.

Thank you in advance for helping MHS be a voice for those who have none!

– Matthew Pepper, President and CEO