Michigan Humane Adoption Tails features stories from new pet parents that have adopted animals from us.

The following is about two cats who were adopted by the same person just a month apart.

The Story of Peanut & Paisley Anne

It was a Saturday afternoon in September when my best friend Devan, who works at Michigan Humane, and I decided to go to the shelter in Howell. For months I had been talking to her about how I would love to adopt an animal but I was still a little unsure if the time was right. Devan convinced me that we should go look and play with the kittens. She ensured me that I didn’t have to adopt today if I was unsure.

When we arrived at the shelter we went right to the kitten room and sat down to play with the kittens. There were so many cute little guys but there was one that truly caught my eye and stole my heart – Peanut. When I saw this little black cat my heart melted, all he wanted was to be held and loved, and at that time I knew he had to be mine. Within minutes I told Devan, “This is the one, I have to adopt him today!”

When we went out of the room and got his papers, we discovered his birthday was 5 days before mine and that confirmed he was truly the one!

I brought Peanut home and it was the best decision I have ever made. He quickly got situated in my apartment and brought me so much joy and happiness each and every day. A month later Peanut was growing quickly, energized to play all the time and looked like he needed a sister. Lo and behold I saw the most adorable little kitten while I was scrolling through Instagram on Michigan Humane’s page. This little girl had thousands of likes and shares. I called Devan and I told her, “Devan, I found the most perfect kitten and she needs to be Peanut’s sister!” That day I adopted Paisley Anne because that little black smile and sparkle in her eye drew me in and I knew she had to be mine.

Now Paisley Anne and Peanut are inseparable! They love to play together, eat together and snuggle each other. Peanut truly acts like a big brother to Paisley Anne. If Paisley is in another room and Peanut cannot find her he meows to let us know.


Adopting one cat was the best decision I have ever made until I adopted a second! I am so grateful and thankful to have found Peanut and Paisley Anne at Michigan Humane. I wish that everyone can find the joy in animals that I have found in my two amazing fur babies.

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