When this is over, I will never take a handshake for granted again.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will have a permanent impact on our lives and how we interact with each other from this point on. It is, truthfully, a historic event.

We are all doing our part in social distancing to mitigate the spread of the virus and to protect those most vulnerable in our society. In doing so, we are experiencing unprecedented isolation. That, perhaps, is the most damaging impact of the COVID-19 on our lives. With isolation comes depression, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

At our core, Michigan Humane is far more than an animal welfare organization. We celebrate the impact of animals on our lives, our communities, and our emotional and physical well-being.

Think about the seniors in our families and our communities. Right now they are scared and isolated from many of the things that they have grown accustomed to. Isolated for their safety from the world except for their pet. Their pet can provide that critical comfort and companionship.

Think about the children right now who are out of school and away from their friends for, which to them, must feel like an eternity. The family dog, however, provides an opportunity to get outside for a walk or to play. To be a kid.

Think about those forced to work from home. Perhaps this is a new experience. Likely one that gives them understandable anxiety as they ponder what the future holds for them and their family. Their pet gives them a chance to breathe.

Think about the ones that are still on the front lines providing essential services to families in our communities – like our own field services team rescuing animals, our veterinarians saving lives, our pet pantry providing food, and our foster team caring for animals.  They’re all providing essential services during this crisis. Very often, they too have a family pet to lean on when they come home. To cry with when they are overwhelmed.

Our pets have an incredible impact on our lives. Beyond that, pets have a genuine impact on our emotional and physical health. They give us unconditional love. They provide us with comfort and companionship – and in a time like this, that is vitally important to our lives.

These are very real emotions.

During this challenging time, Michigan Humane is here for the animals. We remain here to provide critical services to those that have no voice. That said, don’t think of us as an animal welfare organization. Think of us as a human-centered organization providing essential support to families in need. Think of us as the front line in combating the very real issues that come with social isolation.

Michigan Humane is here for the animals, and we are here for you. Our ability to provide essential care to the most vulnerable animals, regardless of the environment around us, is dependent on your support, which is needed now more than ever. Please donate online today today or call 866-MHUMANE.

Thank you.

Photo credit: Pexels