The Michigan Humane Society medical staff in Detroit rushed to save a dog who swallowed crack cocaine after a neighbor threw the bag of drugs into the backyard.

As WXYZ reports, Detroit police was serving a warrant on Wednesday at a home next to Clinton Majors and his dog Nipsey. The neighbor threw a bag of crack cocaine over the fence while police officers were searching the home. Unfortunately, Majors let Nipsey out into his backyard at the same time and the dog started chewing the bag of drugs.

Detroit PD quickly contacted the MHS field services team and Nipsey was taken to the Grosfeld Veterinary Center in Detroit to be treated. He was held overnight to observe any ill effects, but thankfully recovered and was reunited with Majors.

The cost for Nipsey’s medical care was covered by MHS thanks to a gift from Strategic Staffing Solutions to help our communities.


Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society