Update: WDIV reports that the man who orchestrated the dog fighting operation is currently in custody and will face felony charges.

“We’re seizing 21 dogs — all associated with dog fighting — dog fighting paraphernalia, which is anything to include up to slat mills, treadmills, break sticks, drugs — anything associated with conditioning dogs to fight,” Seltz tells WDIV.

Original story appears below:

The Michigan Humane Society, along with the USDA and Detroit Police Department, seized multiple canines from a suspected dog fighting ring between the 6300 and 6400 blocks of Abington on Detroit’s west side Tuesday morning.

Investigators executed a search warrant and found 21 dogs at the home, four of them puppies. The teams also discovered paraphernalia consistent with dog fighting and are currently questioning a suspect.

The investigation is ongoing according to Andy Seltz, VP of Field Services at MHS.

This story is developing.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society