The Michigan laboratory who’s stirred controversy over force-feeding pesticides to three dozen beagles are ending the tests, announced the company who commissioned them.

As the Detroit Free Press reports, Corteva Agriscience, a division of Midland’s DowDuPont, announced on Twitter that the tests are ending and that they hope to re-home the dogs. An undercover investigation by HSUS showed footage of dogs being force-fed fungicide from April-August of 2018 at Charles River Laboratories in Mattawan, Mich. While Brazil required testing on dogs for a one-year period in the past, Corteva received a waiver.

Not surprisingly, HSUS was happy to hear about DowDuPont’s decision to end the tests.

“We applaud Dow AgroSciences (Corteva AgriScience) for making the right decision by ending the one-year pesticide test on 36 beagles at Charles River Laboratories in Michigan,” HSUS president and CEO Kitty Block said. “This is a significant step that is critical to the welfare of the dogs. We now urge Corteva to work with us to get the dogs out of the laboratory and to our shelter and rescue partners so that they can be adopted into loving homes.”

Photo credit: HSUS