Fox 2 aired a story back in May about Michigan Humane launching a special Statewide Response Team for animal rescue and cruelty cases. Debby MacDonald and Mark Ramos have been working side by side for over two decades, investigating animal cruelty cases in Michigan and educating people on how to properly care for animals. With their new statewide project, we will be able to extend our resources and aid to save even more animals across the state and beyond.

When Larain from MotorCity Greyhound Rescue (MCGR) saw the story, she was inspired by Mark and Debby, whom she had watched on television for years on “Animal Cops: Detroit.” MCGR is a non-profit organization that rescues greyhounds, galgos, and other sighthounds not only in the US but also from China and Spain that are sometimes used for racing or even for food. Since they only receive the dogs and do not ship them out, the airline carriers used for each shipment of dogs sadly cannot be used again. Larain, Jennifer and other members of MCGR were thrilled to donate 15 large carriers to MHS for use by the new Statewide Response Program.

MCGR will be getting more dogs this month and plan to donate even more carriers to MHS. It is heartwarming when people, communities and other animal welfare organizations come together for a common goal – to save more animal lives. Because of caring people like you and MCGR, the MHS Statewide Response Team can continuously expand its services throughout the state.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane