Cinder Block is an obese cat who hates exercising as much as I do. We must protect her at all costs.

Last week a video showing an extremely overweight cat making a halfhearted attempt on a treadmill started racking up the views. Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Wash. has been posting updates of Cinder Block after her previous owner surrendered her since they could no longer care for the cat.

As you can see, Cinder Block is not a fan of moving her legs. Deadspin reports that a Reddit user named mostofasia claims to be one of Cinder Block’s former owners and provided some backstory on the cat’s condition.

Cinder was my late grandfather’s cat until earlier this year. He was in poor health at 93 years old and Cinder took full advantage, gaining quite a bit of weight (as you can see!). My aunt took cinder in when my grandfather passed and had some success with diets, but ultimately decided to relinquish her to the experts in the interest of cinders health. We always called her “meatball” but cinderblock is definitely more clever! We can’t believe she’s blowing up on the internet now, but I’m sure my grandpa would be happy she’s bringing joy to so many people!

Thankfully Cinder Block seems to be improving on the treadmill as seen in the video below.

We’re here for you, Cinder Block.

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