We asked readers to share their cat stories with us – to show that cats can be man’s (or woman’s) best friend as well as dogs can! Here is one of the great responses we received. Keep following the blog for more great kitty stories!

Oh my baby kitties
How I love you so
It’s been such a pleasure
To watch you as you grow
But now there’s a new baby here
And he doesn’t have fur
You try to sit next to him
So he doesn’t say “Brrr!”
It means so much
That you’ve accepted him into your clowder
Although when baby is sleeping
I think “Could you cats play any louder?!”
This new tiny human
Doesn’t mean I love you less
It just means the house
Is going to be a mess
Oh my baby kitties
I love you so- I do!
You’re still so special to me
Because pets are family too.