The things you expect to see at car dealerships are pretty predictable: cars, humans, office furniture, coffee of questionable quality and so on. Customers and employees at Ferndale Honda can add “snake” to that list.

Fox 2 reports that a ball python was spotted on the sidewalk outside Ferndale Honda on Wednesday (July 25), located on Woodward avenue, north of 8 Mile Road. An employee at the dealership, bless his heart, corralled the reptile without incident.

“I picked it up where I thought it was safe and it was so instant, just put it in the box and it was over with,” a man named Cliff says. “I’m in the car business, not the snake business, so I got lucky. I had angels around me at the time I guess.”

The snake was transported to Michigan Humane Society’s Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care by Detroit Zoo employees, who received the animal after it was dropped off by Ferndale Honda associates.

“This snake was likely someone’s pet, so we would love to reunite it with its family,” Michigan Humane Society’s public relations specialist Shaun Bailey says. “All they must do to reclaim it is bring proof of ownership to our Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care. Proof of ownership can include a bill of sale, veterinary documents, photographs of themselves with the snake, and so on.”

This wouldn’t be the first time MHS has found homes for snakes. The organization has assisted with finding 15 ball pythons new homes since 2010.

If you believe you are the owner of this snake, please contact the MHS Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care at 866-MHUMANE.

Photo credit: Shaun Bailey, Michigan Humane Society