MHS agents responded to more than 8,000 calls in 2017. Some cases, like these, involved horrific cruelty, but they are just part of the rescue story. Most calls involve good Samaritans looking out for each other and Detroit’s many neighborhoods.

Herb Singleton and his neighbor, Akinya Khalfani, called MHS when they discovered a kitten trapped in an underground pipe. Some people might have left the kitten to die, but not this duo. They pulled up their sleeves and dug for hours in the harsh summer heat. See for yourself in this Facebook video.

In saving the kitten (now adopted), Singleton and Khalfani showed the true spirit of Detroit, and MHS is grateful. But you needn’t toil for hours to be a hero. If you see something, just say something. Call MHS at 313-872-3401 to report animals in danger in Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. Elsewhere, please call 866-MHUMANE for guidance.