Read the 2014/2015 Report to the Community here.


Since 1877, the Michigan Humane Society has protected, defended and celebrated the animals of Southeast Michigan. Reflect on that for a moment – 138 years. There were only 38 states when we opened our doors and our hearts. The Civil War had only just ended 11 years prior. Rutherford B. Hayes was in his first year as President.

In 138 years, things change. The Michigan Humane Society is no different. We have evolved over the years, increasing in scope and impact. The evolution of MHS has been nothing short of incredible. We are the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in Michigan. We stand as one of the most influential, impactful and lifesaving animal welfare organizations in the country.

To put this in a more practical perspective: no organization in Michigan cares for, impacts or, most importantly, saves more animals than MHS. In fact, 1 in every 10 adoptions in the state of Michigan is through MHS. That makes 10% of the animals adopted into new homes in our state MHS alumni. That is impact. That is making a difference. That is saving lives.


All the lives we have saved, all the families we have made whole, all the suffering we have alleviated…and it is only scratching the surface. I firmly believe the future holds even greater things. We are poised, as an organization and as a community, to step even further towards making Detroit and all of Southeast Michigan a model for compassion, and a safe haven for the animals with whom we share our lives.

We are more than just an animal shelter. We are your voice. We are your values. None of the amazing work we have done in the past 138 years would have been possible without you – without those who support us. Thank you for your support as we look towards a brighter future for the animals and the citizens of Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

With appreciation,

Matthew Pepper, President and CEO