On a cold and rainy day in late October, the Michigan Humane Society Field Services team received a call that a stray mom and her puppies were in an abandoned house in Detroit. Our field agents hurried to the location and were able to rescue 11 cold, wet pups that were hiding in a crawl space underneath the house. It was later determined that the 11 pups most likely came from two different moms. Once the puppies were safe and warm in the MHS rescue van, the team went back to look for the two moms. Sadly, only one mom was found, but luckily the puppies were old enough to be on their own. The puppies were then taken to our Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit to receive immediate care.

Shortly after the rescued puppies were brought to our Detroit shelter, MHS posted on its Facebook page that several of them were available for adoption. One of our Facebook followers, Angela, saw the post but was unable to go to the adoption center on that first day. Not ready to give up, she kept in contact with our team to see if there were any more available on the day she was able to come to the adoption center. When Angela and her family arrived, one of the pups, Turkey, now named Jasper, was still available for adoption. They fell in love with him immediately and were able to take him home. Jasper has already bonded with his new forever family and they can’t wait for more adventures together.

We are grateful to adopters like Jasper’s new family, who open their homes and hearts to the animals in our care. Your support is what makes these rescues possible. Please consider donating today to aid MHS rescue teams to continue lifesaving work, rain or shine.