Roadie the Blue Heeler was a flea-bitten, pain-riddled mess. The 10-year-old senior dog had 16 diseased teeth, an egg-sized mass on his back, another mass on his knee, a visual impairment and arthritis. But the harshest blow was yet to come.

More than 6,000 people passed Roadie by during last May’s Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo, as seen in this video. So, too, did hundreds of visitors at three animal shelters over four weeks. Once he was even adopted and returned, but you know who didn’t give up on Roadie? You. Mind you, this is after you supplied him with six tests, five medications, two surgeries, and one month’s recovery time.

When things looked bleak you went the extra mile, giving MHS the means to feature Roadie in a “Senior Spotlight” video. This caught the attention of someone who shared it with their elderly mother. Now she and Roadie (now Brodie) enjoy their golden years together, as you can read here.

Thank you so much!