Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting three legislators who were interested in visiting Michigan Humane and learning more about what we do.

The legislators, Representatives Coleman, Hammoud, and Pohutsky, are all serving in the Michigan House of Representatives for districts including Wayne-Westland, Dearborn, and Livonia, respectively. We showed them all around our Westland shelter and veterinary center. They asked great questions and were all interested in how MHS helps the people and animals in their districts. We also had the opportunity to update them on our current legislative initiatives.

Visits like this are invaluable opportunities to show our state’s lawmakers what we do and explain what legislation we think will (or won’t) benefit Michigan’s animals. In Michigan, Representatives are limited to 3 2-year terms (for a total of 6 years), and Senators are limited to 2 4-year terms (for a total of 8 years), so the sooner we can start a dialogue with them, the better. Representatives Coleman and Pohutsky are in their first terms, and Representative Hammoud is in his second term. We are truly grateful to these legislators for taking the time to visit us.