Statewide Response

Disaster Response, Preparedness &
Cruelty Investigation Training

When your community has an animal care or control crisis, the MHS Statewide Response Team can help. Once you contact our team, we’ll bring 140 years’ of animal care and sheltering expertise to your community. We can:

  • Set up and manage temporary animal shelters
  • Provide skilled veterinary services
  • Safely transport animals
  • Train shelter and field responders
  • Educate community and agency personnel

With nearly 145 million pets in American homes, your community will likely encounter an animal-related crisis at some point. Michigan Humane Society’s team of investigative experts can assist law enforcement personnel with animal cruelty cases and prepare local communities when an incident occurs. Classes include:

  • Michigan Animal Law
  • Animal Behavior and Handling in the Field
  • Human Violence and Animal Cruelty
  • Animals as Evidence
  • Dog Fighting and Cock Fighting Awareness and Investigation

Cruelty Investigation
Is your community prepared or equipped to effectively investigate potential acts of animal cruelty or abuse? Michigan Humane Society has more than 30 years of investigative experience in animal cruelty cases. We will come to your location and provide you and your team with:

  • Case-by-case counseling, support and preparation
  • Forensic veterinary support
  • Assistance in identifying and cataloging animals as evidence
  • Expert witness resources
  • Assistance in large-scale impounds and temporary sheltering

We also offer these classes, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Puppy Mill Investigations
  • Humane Animal Capture Equipment
  • Hoarding
  • Case Preparation
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Media Relations
  • Animal Cruelty Awareness and Investigation

(These classes are MCOLES Certified.)

Contact Debby MacDonald, Director of Statewide Response, at 313-262-4022 or for more information.

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