Michigan Humane Society (MHS) employees had every reason to believe Sugar’s adoption would come quickly. The Labrador-Hound mix was just four months old, 12 pounds and healthy; the perfect mix for an active family. Trouble is, Sugar has a disability, and for some it’s a deal breaker. Yet, thanks to you, Sugar soon had visitors … thousands of them.

As fate would have it, Sugar is deaf. Disabilities like deafness make placing and training pets difficult; even adorable puppies. Fortunately for Sugar, you made it possible for MHS to intervene in two vital ways.

First, you allowed MHS to hire and train behavior specialists. These experts trained Sugar as she lingered in a shelter. Second, you helped MHS host one of the country’s largest pet-adoption events: Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo. The Detroit Zoo is where Sugar met her savior: a local woman named Debra Wilson. Wilson doesn’t just accept Sugar’s disability; she’s eager to help her overcome it.

“I knew it would be a challenge, but that’s what I signed up to do,” said Wilson. “You can’t get her attention when she’s got her back turned; she’s got to be looking at you.”

Thank you for not turning your back on homeless, disabled animals like Sugar.

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Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society