bull terrier with kittens

Every Friday, we’ll share animal welfare and general pet related links from around the web that we found informative or just entertaining! Enjoy!

Purina ONE’s 28-Day Challenge: Bringing a New Light to Pet Adoption
Dog ownership in America is more popular than ever, with an estimated 45 million U.S. households currently making room for at least one canine companion. But when it comes to acquiring a dog, only about one out of four owners are choosing to adopt from a shelter… (read more)

Newly Adopted Dog Saves Family Members’ Lives
They say that everything happens for a reason, and that’s certainly true for the Reyes family of Pinecrest, Florida. Only two days after adopting Candi, the year-old terrier mix puppy rescued them right back by alerting them to toxic smoke that otherwise would have killed them in their sleep… (read more)

Traveling with your pet for Labor Day? Check out these safety tips
Before you hit the road with your pet this Labor Day weekend, TripsWithPets.com has put together these tips to keep your four-legged friend safe during the trip… (read more)

Pet Points: Training multiple dogs, dealing with bullying
“I have two dogs who both need some training. What are some tips on how to train multiple dogs at the same time?” (read more)