In late summer 2018, our friends at the Humane Society of Livingston County (HSLC) approached Michigan Humane in need of a helping hand.  They had been forced to stop intakes, and without assistance, they would be facing more drastic measures.  With the community in jeopardy, our teams did not hesitate to jump into action, and within days, there was a steady flow of resources heading west toward the city of Howell.

With additional supplies and a more streamlined adoption process, HSLC was able to not only re-open its doors to the community, but dramatically increase its impact.  In the first few months of working together, HSLC was able to increase adoptions from 182 to 429, compared to same time last year.  Additionally, intakes increased over the same time from 186 to 409.  All while maintaining an industry average return rate and significantly decreasing the average length of stay of the animals in its care.

As the partnership grew over time, it became apparent to the Board of Directors of both organizations that combining forces would be the best way to improve the lives of the animals in Livingston County.  This realization led discussions about a possible merger, which ultimately resulted in an agreement in principle to merge organizations.  The merger is expected to gain all state approvals and be finalized in early summer.

By combining forces with HSLC, Michigan Humane will be able to amplify and extend its mission, in a community that cares deeply for the animals.

More information about the merger can be found at