Imagine if your body suddenly rejected its eyelids, fighting them with irritation, inflammation and pain. This may sound like a horror story, but such was Miyoshi’s reality last spring. Lucky for her, you had assembled a surgical team; one that would allow the Akita to experience a second Christmas, even if she couldn’t see it.

Veterinarians had no choice but to remove Miyoshi’s eyes. The reason is she arrived at the Michigan Humane Society too late to prevent glaucoma, causing her to slowly become blind. But that doesn’t mean Miyoshi (aka Miyo) can’t live a rich, full life, or bring joy to a loving family. Enter Tyler Keith and Abigail Richardson.

“She’s a very loving dog who will lay with you if you’re tired or will walk around with you if you have something to do,” said Keith. “For the holiday season we are excited to see how Miyo will act in the snow since she likes the cold and also how she reacts to having a Christmas tree in the living room. For Christmas we plan on spoiling her with new toys and different kinds of treats.”

Miyoshi enjoyed expert medical care, compassionate foster care, and several weeks in a warm shelter. Now she is healthy and loved, because of you. Thank you for seeing Miyoshi’s potential.

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Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society