For many people, the animals in our care are so much more than just pets. They are our friends, our family and life companions. Each and every animal that we come across in our lifetime leaves a big impact on our hearts. Such is the case with a wonderful woman who, after losing a lifetime companion, was drawn to adopt another furry friend.

Rachelle Miranda has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. One of her earliest childhood memories is of stopping to play with a cat that would hide in the bushes along her path to school. She grew up around animals and eventually came to own her cat Zoey. Sadly, Zoey, whom she owned and loved for almost 20 years, passed away while Ms. Miranda fell ill and was in the hospital. Heartbroken, she thought she may never adopt another animal. However, while looking at the animals that were up for adoption at, one cat spoke to her.

She called our Petco offsite adoption location in Sterling Heights to ask about the cat. The adoption center’s assistant manager, Steve Thomas, recalls that she decided to make the trip from her senior living home to meet Coach (now Haree) in April. When she arrived and met the cat, it was a perfect match. She left with him that day as happy as could be. Since then, Ms. Miranda has sent Steve periodic updates and expresses her thanks and gratitude every time.

“It’s adoptions like this that make our jobs with MHS extra rewarding. What may have seemed like a simple cat adoption to us was a significant, positive and meaningful experience from the adopter’s perspective,” said Thomas, perfectly summing up not only this adoption, but so many others.

For Rachelle Miranda, this beautiful cat named Haree is a new companion to love and keep her company. For Haree, this kind and loving woman is someone to care for him and love him unconditionally in his new home.

Woman and her newly adopted cat.

“Animals need a home, they need care,” Ms. Miranda said when asked why people should adopt.

It isn’t just about getting a new pet, it’s about saving a life. We are always happy when the animals in our care find their new forever homes.

Find your new best friend on our Adopt a Pet page.

Photo Credit: Michigan Humane Society