Car lovers often cruise down Woodward Avenue, but slither? That was the case on July 25 when a Ball Python arrived on the doorstep of Ferndale Honda, as if for a pit stop. The Ferndale police couldn’t accept it. They only handle dogs. The Detroit Zoo couldn’t accept it. They have strict criteria for accepting new animals. Thankfully the snake, business, and community had you looking out for their welfare.

Because of you, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) can employ not one but two wildlife experts. Together they care for more than 500 pets a year other than cats and dogs. Common examples include homeless rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice. Less common examples include chickens, pigeons, pigs, amphibians and, yes, even reptiles like Woodward’s slowest cruiser yet. Click here to see those currently available for adoption.

You also provided MHS with the means to answer several media inquiries. This publicity helped teach people what to do when they find exotic animals on the loose. Other coverage also helped the snake find a new home with the Leal family (pictured). They even gave it a name befitting the good Samaritans who saved it. Happy trails, Honda!

Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society