Often times when growing up, you’re taught to share, help others and to be kind. Assumption Nursery School and Toddler Center is teaching their students these important life values in a creative and fun way. Each year the school holds a summer camp program and this edition’s theme was “Make a Difference.” The ten-week program was filled with numerous activities that focused on reaching out to others and helping meaningful causes.

The school’s culminating event for the “Make a Difference” program was a “CHAIR-I-TY-AUCTION.” Each of their 12 classrooms received a wooden chair to decorate and put up for auction. The chairs were all uniquely decorated by their respective classrooms. Whether it was with paint, puzzle pieces, or even little thumb prints from the toddlers, it was truly a team effort and the results were amazing. The groups then voted for a charity which they would like to donate the auction proceeds to. One classroom generously chose the Michigan Humane Society as their recipient.

“The children were very proud of their work and enthusiastic when picking their causes,” says the school’s director. “We also received a lot of comments from parents that they are happy about the school’s community-minded projects.”

Classroom fundraiser

It is exciting to see how Assumption Nursery School is teaching the importance of giving and introducing the children to the culture of philanthropy at an early age. It is never too early to learn how to be kind. On behalf of MHS, thank you to all of the children, teachers and parents who worked hard to make a difference.

If you would also like to make a difference to improve thousands of animal lives, please donate here.

Photo Credit: Assumption Nursery School and Toddler Center