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Last winter, several members of the MHS Cruelty and Rescue Teams spent the night… in a doghouse. And this year, several MHS animal supporters will be doing the same.

Thousands of metro Detroit dogs live outside and sleep every winter outdoors in freezing temperatures. Some of them are lucky enough to have a doghouse, and some do not. Without a doghouse stuffed with straw, these dogs do not have much of a chance of survival.

Last year’s event was designed to bring awareness to the plight of outdoor dogs, and this year are hoping to remind people once again how dangerous life can be for outdoor dogs.

This year’s group that will be sleeping in the doghouse is MHS President and CEO, Matthew Pepper, Chief Cruelty Investigator, Debby MacDonald and Board Member, Daniel Minkus, along with Sergeant Erik Eide from the Detroit Mounted Police. They will enter their doghouses at 10 p.m. tonight, with the goal of staying in them until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

You can follow MHS on our Facebook page and Youtube for updates on their experience throughout the night.